Fenestration Codes and Trends with Mike Turner

Mike Turner, AAMA board member and vice president of marketing at YKK AP America, Inc.

Our third Commercial Conversation is with Mike Turner, vice president of marketing at YKK AP America Inc., Austell, GA. Mike is also a board member of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), Schaumburg, IL, the TaskGroup Chairman for BIM Initiatives at AAMA, a member of the Codes and Regulatory Affairs Committee at AAMA, and a member of the International Code Council. Click here to download the podcast mp3 file. In the coming weeks you’ll also be able to use iTunes to download the podcasts.
   In this podcast, we discuss new Int’l Code Council codes, AAMA standards, fenestration technology, and how these factors are going to combine to reduce building energy consumption by 30% and exceed current LEED requirements. Mike’s involvement with the various code-development committees and as an AAMA board member provides him with insight that will help specifiers identify fenestration that that will meet energy-code requirements, likely exceed LEED requirements, and generally help develop efficient and sustainable facilities.

To help you further understand the new codes and what they mean, explore the following resources:


One thought on “Fenestration Codes and Trends with Mike Turner

  1. I hosted a delegation from YKK at our business here in Los Angeles yesterday. One of the issues we discussed was our commitment to better-educating the building industry. Competence is king and we desperately need to improve our knowledge of current and future energy code requirements. Mr. Turner seems highly qualified in this area and I would like to discuss hosting him as our keynote speaker at an upcoming Architectural forum. Please ask Mr. Turner to reply at his convenience.

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